Do I Need Therapy?

Do I Need Therapy?

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Do I Need Therapy?

Colorado Center for Assessment and Counseling offers individual counseling and therapy for children and adults in Fort Collins

You sat at the table surrounded by family, getting drawn into the same family dynamics (for better or worse), and as you ate you realized that maybe you need some help. Whatever brought you here doesn’t really matter. Whether someone recommended you look into therapy, or you came to that decision on your own, you have now found yourself looking into counseling. That’s a good thing.

Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself as you think about starting counseling:

Do I Struggle With Stress and Anxiety?

The most common reason our patients schedule their first counseling session is struggling with anxiety. While we all experience stress in our daily lives and relationships, sometimes the feelings of anxiety can become overwhelming. If you ever feel helpless when you find yourself in stressful circumstances, it can make a huge difference to gain some tools and strategies to move through those feelings successfully.

Are My Most Important Relationships Strained?

Everyone says that communication is the key to healthy relationships, and while that is true, there is a big difference between healthy and unhealthy communication. Whether it’s a spouse, a sibling, coworkers, friends, or parents, sometimes these cherished relationships find themselves pushed and pulled and the people in them become hurt. Having a safe and objective third person to help untie all the knots that lock up relationships can be the change agent you need toward healthy, loving, and committed relationships.

Am I Stuck On A Traumatic Event?

Pain and trauma don’t just disappear after time has passed. Sometimes you just need to sit down with someone and talk through the trauma and pain. Life is hard, grief and loss affect us profoundly, and it can all get packed up tight inside your mind if you don’t work through it.

Do I Struggle With Compulsive Behaviors?

If you find yourself with thoughts or behaviors that interfere with your normal life, counseling can help you break out of the negativity. Also, if you find yourself drinking or using drugs more and more, it could be a signal that you’re numbing feelings that need to be addressed. Talking with a counselor can be a great opportunity to find new healthy ways of coping with stress.

Are My Parents/Friends/Relatives Right?

If the people closest to you have mentioned that counseling might be a good thing for you to consider, they might be right. It may be time to spend some time with a professional who is invested in supporting you and guiding you toward growth. The holidays with relatives can be challenging, but sometimes they can be good motivation for personal growth as well.

The Colorado Center for Assessment and Counseling offers therapy services for adults in our Fort Collins office. We can schedule a free 30 minute consultation or an hour long initial counseling appointment. Call us at (970) 889-8204 or email us at to set up an appointment.


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