Many children and adults struggle with reading and assume that they just aren't smart enough to "get it." This can lead to decreased confidence, acting out, and avoidance of school work altogether. For many, however, it may be more than just not "getting it" - you or your child may be suffering from a reading disorder like dyslexia.

Much like poor vision, dyslexia is something that we're born with - and something that can be treated once it has been identified. Comprehensive testing is an excellent, thorough approach to identifying and treating dyslexia and other reading disorders.

Each evaluation includes:

  • Two-hour initial interview
  • Full battery of cognitive, behavioral, and personality testing
  • Interviews and diagnostic measures for parents, teachers, and significant others
  • Comprehensive written report with diagnoses
  • Personalized treatment recommendations and follow-up strategies
  • Two-hour feedback session to discuss results
  • One-hour school meeting (for children & teens) to discuss implementation of recommendations

At the conclusion of our evaluation, you can rest assured that you have received the most complete set of testing and treatment recommendations available for dyslexia.

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