Colorado Medicaid

Our services fall under behavioral health coverage, which looks a little different than medical coverage through Medicaid.

For medical services, clients can go anywhere in the state and receive coverage. For behavioral health services, Medicaid limits coverage to an assigned region.

Clients are assigned a region for behavioral health coverage based on either:

  • home/mailing address, or
  • location of primary care provider

Regions we can accept:

  • Rocky Mountain Health Plans

    Clients with this region should receive full coverage for testing and therapy services

  • Colorado Access

    Clients with this region may only be covered for a more brief evaluation, and we can also accept this region for therapy

  • Northeast Health Partners

    Clients with this region are only covered for certain types of testing -- contact us with questions!

How Do I Check My Region?

The quickest way to check your assigned region is to visit

If your regional provider doesn't match one of the regions listed above, you can change your region to receive coverage for services with us.

The most effective way to switch is to call (303) 839-2120 to request a switch to the Rocky Mountain Health Plans region.

Still Have Questions?

More information on regional providers can be found at

Email and we'd be happy to help clarify questions you may have!


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