Insurance and Billing

What to Expect

Do you take insurance?

Yes! We are in-network with many major insurance panels. We also function as out-of-network providers for several panels and are happy to give you all of the info needed to submit out of network claims on your own. Wondering if your insurance provider is in-network with us? Click the button below.

In-Network Insurance

Do you take Medicaid?

Yes! We take certain Medicaid plans for our services. Our client care specialists are trained to check your mental health benefits, so feel free to request a call from our client care team and click the button below to learn more about Medicaid.

More on Medicaid

Do you have a sliding scale?

Yes! If you can't afford health insurance or your current plan doesn't cover mental health services, you can ask to join the program. We will look at your income and family size to see if you qualify for a lower fee. We treat everyone fairly and won't discriminate based on things like age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or where you're from. The program's policy explains how we decide the fees based on your income and family size.

Sliding Scale Info

Can I pay out of pocket?

Yes! If you prefer not to use your insurance or would like to utilize your out-of-network benefits, we have direct pay rates for all of our services. We're also happy to connect you with Mentaya, a service that helps client get reimbursed for out-of-network services, so that you get reimbursed directly by your insurance for any out-of-network benefits on your plan. Just click the button below to learn more about private pay rates.

Out-of-Pocket Rates

Interested in Scheduling?

Click here to request a call from our client care team who can walk you through our services and the scheduling process!