CCAC Training Program

Training new clinicians is one of our primary services. We provide training at a number of different levels. Come learn with us!

Doctoral Trainees

All levels of doctoral training offer:

  • Excellent didactic training and enhanced understanding of administering of assessments
  • Weekly supervision
  • The opportunity to observe and learn from several different psychologists
  • A diverse population of testing clients
  • The opportunity for ADOS/MIGDAS training

Doctoral Practicum Positions

Our practicum students are in their 3rd, 4th, or 5th year of a doctoral program in counseling, clinical, or school psychology. Sometimes second years are considered if the appropriate coursework and experience has been completed.

As practicum students with us (called psychometrists at our agency), students will administer (neuro)psychological tests to a variety of clients (children and adults).

It is important to note that we do not offer therapy supervision at this time. Primary diagnoses we see are learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, and mood/behavioral/personality concerns.

Application Form

Doctoral APA Accredited Internship

Application through APPIC – we are a member of the High Plains Psychology Internship Consortium

Internship Information

Information about our doctoral internship can be found at the link above.

Post-Doctoral Resident Positions

We have a large staff consisting of licensed psychologists, neuropsychologists, and trainees at all levels. Our postdoc positions typically run for one calendar year (August-July).

We see clients across the lifespan, so positions are flexible depending on interest in specific assessment areas. Our postdoc salary starts at $55,000 depending on certifications and experience.

We offer health insurance, a training stipend, and a great working environment with supervisors who actually WANT to be supervisors!

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