Here at the Colorado Center for Assessment and Counseling, we are no strangers to anxiety. Though anxiety was a tool designed to protect us from potential harm, it can get out of control, and dull the shine of even life’s most beautiful moments. When anxiety becomes unbearable, it can feel so isolating that you may not know where to turn. Our clinicians will work with you to identify the strategies that work best for you to combat anxious thinking and develop the skills to overcome those thoughts.

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What is it?


Anxiety is a sense of fear, worry, uncertainty or other related feelings that anyone can experience during all walks of life. Anxiety can come up naturally for us in new situations or often in anticipation of something important, intimidating or even scary. Sometimes, though, it can become so overwhelming that it prevents us from enjoying the people, places, or activities that we usually love. Anxiety is tied to our “fight or flight” response, which can lead us to avoid anything that might trigger the anxious feelings, including people, places, or things we’d usually enjoy. It can even manifest itself physically, causing us to feel the anxiety in our bodies. 

What does it look like?


Anxiety is not uncommon, and it does not discriminate -- it affects folks cross-culturally, and across all gender-identities and ages. It can look different for the many people it affects, manifesting both emotionally and physically. Below are some common indicators of anxiety:

  • Excessive worry
  • Avoidance, isolation
  • Racing thoughts
  • Irritability, fatigue
  • Difficulty sleeping

As you read each one of these, you may identify with one or more of the indicators, or maybe you remember a time at which you felt this way. You might remember frequently going to the nurse's office with stomach aches as a child, or maybe as you grew up you were so overwhelmed some days that you couldn't make it to school. Maybe you have a child who can't stop crying every time you drop them off for daycare, or you find yourself lying awake with thoughts racing in your head every night. Anxiety is completely normal to experience, and can even be an effective motivator when mild or temporary. When anxiety becomes so excessive that it keeps you up all night every night, or you can’t focus because your head is swirling with worries you can’t control – that’s where we come in.

How can we help?


You don't have to be alone with your anxiety anymore. Our therapists want to help you make sense of your strengths and struggles to improve your day-to-day functioning. They will help you break down what triggers your anxiety, how to more effectively cope with these triggers, and work with you to develop the skills to tackle anxiety-provoking situations with more and more ease. Our goal is for you to leave sessions feeling heard, respected, and understood. You deserve to have a place to go when your worry becomes too big to carry, and our therapists are ready and waiting to help you hold that worry, when you're ready.

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