Let's Hang Out.

When we bring on new folks, it's more about the person than the credentials.

Our Values:

We created these values deliberately to reflect the culture at our practice. If you resonate with these principles, we'd love to talk with you!

Get After It!

  • We get our shit done, on time, when we say we will
  • We are relentlessly curious - if something doesn’t make sense, we do the work to figure it out rather than letting it slide or offloading to someone else
  • We are always getting better at what we do

Balance "We" With "Me"

  • We default to supporting others, but not to the point of resentment
  • We know when we have the capacity to help others and when we need to ask for help for ourselves

Keep It Real

  • We are authentic - we bring our whole selves to the practice
  • We challenge one another and trust that we can work through conflict
  • We don’t do drama, period

Be an Active Ally

  • We support groups other than our own, by acknowledging oppression and actively reducing our own complicity with it
  • We strive to integrate DEI principles in onboarding, training, and practice as much as possible
  • We own that this work is never done - there is a need to constantly grow

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