Diagnosis of Autism, Asperger's, and Autism Spectrum disorders has steadily increased over the years. A comprehensive evaluation can help determine if you or your child is showing symptoms consistent with autism or an autism spectrum disorder. Accurate evaluation of autism spectrum concerns includes many components, though assessment of reciprocal social behavior is perhaps the most important component. Testing for autism spectrum concerns will include:

  • Cognitive measures of intelligence (verbal, non-verbal, fluid reasoning, and processing speed) and academic ability
  • Structured assessment of social interaction (via the ADOS-2 - the most highly regarded instrument for evaluating reciprocal social interaction)
  • Behavioral evaluation via checklists
  • School observation for "real world" data regarding social interaction
  • Comprehensive written report with personalized recommendations

At the conclusion of the evaluation, you can rest assured that you've received the most thorough assessment and recommendations available for autism spectrum concerns.

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