Guest Post: 14 Habits of Happy, Healthy, Calm Men

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Today’s post is a guest post from Ryan Rivera over at, a website with tips and articles on managing anxiety. Enjoy!


14 Habits of Happy, Healthy, Calm Men

Men are under a lot of pressure in today’s society. They are expected to perform above and beyond expectations, and valued on things like the money they bring, their ability to handle stress and “be manly,” their sexual prowess and so on.

It is no wonder that so many men suffer from anxiety. Not only do men have constant pressure, but they are considered less masculine if they admit that the pressure is a problem. Instead they keep it bottled up inside, building up until it causes mental health problems in life. Men that want to live happy, healthy lives need to make sure they maintain habits that are known to keep men calm and content.

Habits of Happy Men

  1. Regular Exercise – Exercise is important for everyone, but it is especially important for men. Regular exercise keeps the hormones flowing. It helps reduce stress and improve blood flow. It even helps to increase endorphins that calm the mind and body, and may help to boost sexual prowess. Happy men exercise regularly, either at the gym or playing sports with their friend.
  2. Openness – Happy men are open about their thoughts or feelings. They don’t need to be prodded into crying regularly. Rather, they need to feel the freedom to say what they need to say, so that it doesn’t stay bottled up.
  3. Strong Social Support – Healthy men spend time with a good social support system of people that really like him, rather than those he feels like he has to spend time with. He should be able to spend time with people that make him content, rather than shallow, unfulfilling friendships.
  4. Sets Goals – Setting achievable goals is another important habit of calm and content men. Goals keep you focused. They help you ensure that every day in your life feels productive. Achievable goals also bring joy once completed, giving the man a sense of purpose and fulfillment.
  5. Successful Hobbies – Happy men find that they often have the opportunity to engage in hobbies that appeal to them, like art, sports, or playing an instrument. Each should bring not only joy to the happy man’s life, but also accomplishment as they improve at their activities and reach milestones in their progress.
  6. Recognizing Their Emotions – Emotionally healthy men don’t necessarily need to share their feelings all the time. What they do need to do is accept their emotions and not try to pretend they aren’t occurring. Healthy, calm, happy men recognize when they’re experiencing an emotion and try to solve it, rather than ignore it or wallow in it.
  7. Seek Out Fulfilling Relationships – Calm and content men understand that their emotional wellbeing is important. So rather than fear change, they take the time to seek out friendships and relationships with people that make them happy and cut ties with those that don’t.
  8. Keep Work at Work – Another key to being a satisfied male is the understanding that a job is just a job. Sometimes stress happens and it’s unavoidable, but once he leaves the office he lets the rest of his day wash away the stress of work and focuses instead on the things he enjoys.
  9. Financial Planning – Money and finances can also be a source of stress and anxiety. An emotionally healthy man doesn’t necessarily care about how much money he makes, but he does spend time to plan his income to ensure that he lives a lifestyle that is both enjoyable and within his means, and plans for any unforeseen events in the future.
  10. Slow to Anger – Happy men understand that anger is a worthless emotion. Rather than be quick to show anger and aggression, they sit back knowing that whatever occurred that makes them angry is likely not that important, and deal with life’s problems with only as much value as they deserve.
  11. Smile – Content men smile at everyone. They recognize that one of the best ways to be happy is to promote happiness to others. A smile to someone that is stressed can cheer them up, and when they’re cheered up they bring cheer to others. Smiling is a habit that is contagious and enjoyable, and one that will improve the lives of others as well.
  12. Socialize – Men may like their alone time, but too much alone time can make you feel isolated and unhappy. Socializing – especially with those that bring the most happiness and the most positive attitudes – is how men maintain their good moods and keep themselves calm and content.
  13. Visit the Doctor – As much as they may refuse to admit it, most men care about their health. The longer they’re away from a doctor the more something like a small pain in the chest becomes a serious worry about health issues. That’s why men that seek out happiness in their life visit the doctor regularly, to ensure that they are in the best of health and doing everything they can to maintain it.
  14. Live Responsibly in the Moment – As long as they are being responsible about their future, men that live happy lives live to enjoy themselves in the moment. They are focused on the here and now, rather than the past or the distant future. Living now helps the confident and relaxed man find ways to improve their overall wellness and focus on what they can do to enjoy their life, rather than what they might not be able to do years down the road.

Living as a Happy, Healthy Male

For a man to be emotionally healthy, confident, and content with most situations, he doesn’t have to sacrifice himself. All he has to do is recognize his own emotions, accept how he feels, and do what it takes to make himself happy. All of his habits are focused on the idea that his happiness is important, and he should do what it takes to achieve that happiness and find pleasure and relaxation in life.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera writes about anxiety, anxiety symptoms, and related issues on his website,


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