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Spenser Nye, MA

Doctoral Intern

[ she/her ]

What do you most look forward to about the work you do?

My absolute favorite part about doing assessment is making sense of all the testing data and assessment scores to determine clients' strengths, as well as their difficulties to answer their questions and best support them moving forward.

What do you most value about the work you do?

I value so much about the work I do, but especially the relationships I develop with clients, supervisors, and colleagues.

What is something clients might never guess about you?

I enjoy skiing despite spending more time picking myself up and out of the snow than actually skiing down the mountain. I was also a gymnast for 14 years, so apparently I enjoy falling 🙂

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Initially, I wanted to be a detective or an FBI agent when I grew up. I think that's why I love the investigative aspect of testing so much, such as making sense of test data/scores to answer the clients questions and reach their goals of the assessment.

Hello! I am currently in my fourth year of pursuing a PsyD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver. Before starting my doctoral training, I obtained a master's degree in Forensic Psychology from the University of Denver and an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Kent State University in Ohio, which is also where I'm from. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to a variety of psychological assessments throughout my training and have become especially interested in neuropsychological assessment.

In my free time, I enjoy skiing, watching Friends, taking my dog (Lucy) to the park, and visiting with friends and family.

Clinical Specialties

  • Neuropsychological assessment

Relevant Training

  • Queer and Ally Training - Center for Multicultural Excellence

Professional Memberships

  • American Psychological Association
  • APA Division 22 (Rehabilitation Psychology) member


  • BA, Psychology and Criminal Justice - Kent State University
  • MA, Forensic Psychology - University of Denver

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