The Legality of Love

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Short post today – just a brief comment and a link to an article on the U.S. constitution and same-sex marriage (thanks, Tyler). This article was great for me to read. While I know a bit about each of the topics separately,  their intersection is more of a mystery. Check it out if you have a few minutes – it’s well-written and gives some good information.

This article is quite clinically relevant. The topic of marriage or commitment has come up for almost every same-sex couple that I’ve seen for therapy – naturally, as it’s so emotionally loaded. Being married is an identity along with a legal issue. And while many states have supported same-sex marriage recently, the events around Proposition 8 in California seem to cast a long shadow of uncertainty as well.

As a therapist and an individual living in a state that has not supported same-sex marriage thus far, it makes me angry to see couples who are unable to marry. Many (not all) of these couples are contending with an added layer of anxiety and anger as well, which certainly impacts their relationships with one another and with others.

I’d be interested to hear thoughts or reactions to the article or the topic. I’m admittedly struggling with keeping this post to more of a clinical focus…and then struggling with whether the blog necessarily needs to always be so clinically focused. So bear with me as I attempt to mix a little politics in as well.


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