Just Let Go

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My little girl, now fifteen months old, is learning how to climb down from different places – the bed, the couch, her chair, etc. She’s mastered the technique of sliding over the edge on her belly, but then things get hung up for a bit as she struggles with whether the floor is actually where she judged it to be before starting her little adventure. This morning it happened again. I was in the kitchen making breakfast when I heard her start to whimper a bit, and when I looked around the corner…sure enough, she was stuck about three inches off the ground, unable to let herself “drop” that last little bit to firm ground. I tried to get a picture, but to her credit she took the leap and got firm footing before I could grab the camera.

It made me think of how many of us can get “stuck” three inches off the ground in so many situations. Times where we feel mostly confident, but there’s just enough doubt to keep us from leaping. Maybe it’s in our relationships, when we want to reach out for our partner but feel vulnerable doing so (like EFT teaches!). Maybe it’s initiating a friendship with someone new or going out with a less-familiar group of people. Maybe it’s something more practical like expanding a business. Whatever the situation, sometimes we need to trust ourselves and our judgment. It might mean “falling” a few inches, but your initial judgment was probably accurate, and you’ll likely land on your feet even if you stumble a bit.

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