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Counseling for Relationships & Marriage

Relationship-focused therapy, geared at couples, can solidify an already strong partnership and improve those relationships that need a bit more scaffolding. Couples counseling isn’t just for married couples – it can be for couples who have been in a long term serious relationship and are considering marriage, partners who have recently become engaged, or even unmarried couples looking to grow their family. Wherever you’re at in your relationship, our therapists at the Colorado Center for Assessment are ready to meet you there and support you through it. Our trained therapists can identify ways in which your partnership can grow, change, and adapt to become a more fulfilling and healthy relationship.

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Why seek couples therapy?


There’s a common misconception about couples therapy, perhaps about therapy in general, that something needs to be “wrong” in the relationship for you to come in for counseling. Though, of course, couples that are struggling can benefit greatly from relationship-centered therapy, so can couples that aren’t necessarily having specific difficulties! It might surprise you just how beneficial couples counseling can be for any stage of even the strongest of relationships.

    Reasons people seek couples therapy:

    • Relationship changes
      • Commonly taking place after an engagement and sometimes called pre-marital counseling, the focus in this type of couples therapy is geared at supporting the transition between that “honeymoon stage” and a longer-term relationship. You’ll build an environment in therapy to grow closer and more connected as a couple.
    • Relationship maintenance
      • Nobody has perfect communication skills! Improving communication and attachment is the main focus of this type of relationship therapy. The goal here is to keep doing what’s working, and to support areas of growth for the relationship. We want to bring you closer than ever before!
    • Relationship repair
      • This type of relationship therapy follows an event that causes damage to the partnership. This could be anything from commitment issues or trouble with sex to infidelity and intense arguing. The goal in this case would be to repair the damage to the relationship in an effort to restore trust. 
    • Family relationships
      • Adding kids into the mix can rock the boat of any relationship. Even the healthiest of relationships can be met with any number of difficulties when you have kids, especially when it comes to parenting. Couples counseling like this helps bring couples together in parenting strategies to help families develop more sustainable patterns. It will deepen your relationship with your partner and your children.

    How will it help?

    Your therapist will develop an understanding of both partners’ experiences to help you better relate to each other. In relationship counseling sessions, the couple is the client – there is no taking sides! You’ll learn to communicate more effectively and authentically with each other as a couple. Your therapist's objective perspective will allow you to view each others’ experiences differently, and this will help you identify the relational patterns that aren’t serving you or your partner. They can show you how to shift from conflict to curiosity when difficult feelings arise, and soon you’ll run into conflict less and less.
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