Happy New Year

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Welcome back, everyone! I hope that the holidays proved (mostly) restful and fulfilling for each of you. By this time, you’ve probably had ample opportunity to make (and break) resolutions, and I am no exception. I don’t necessarily put a lot of faith in New Year’s as a time to drastically change behavior, but I do appreciate it as a reminder to check in with ourselves to see if we’re living the way that we would like to. If positive changes come from this check-in, all the better.

I personally resolved to get in gear with my private practice and finally start the process for becoming an approved provider for Medicare and a prominent insurance company. It’s been a blur of paperwork, long periods on hold, and fighting with fax machines, but I am proud to say that all of the applications are in! Now comes the waiting and inevitable revisions once they’re processed. I’m very hopeful – this would really broaden my client base and help out in building the practice. Please send positive thoughts of approval my way if you get a minute 🙂

I’ll be getting back into the swing of posting shortly with Couples Series #3 – To Go or Not to Go (to Therapy). In the meantime, I’d love to hear about any of your experiences with resolutions or wishes for the new year!


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