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Some people think that you only go to a counselor if there is a big problem, but that's not true. There are many reasons why someone might want to see a therapist, from learning more about themselves to dealing with tough experiences. Our therapists at the Colorado Center for Assessment and Counseling are here to help, no matter the reason. Therapy is meant to make your life better, no matter where you are starting from. Our therapists are well-trained and can teach you helpful tools and skills to improve your daily life.

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Why seek individual therapy?


You may have heard that only crazy people need therapy or that therapy is only for people who are "damaged." We want to tell you that it's okay to want to talk to a therapist about anything, and there's nothing wrong with you for doing so. It's completely normal to face challenges at any point in your life and want to speak with someone about them. You don't need to have a particular diagnosis to begin therapy - therapy is available to everyone!

Reasons people seek individual therapy:

  • Life changes
    • If you're experiencing a significant change in your life, feeling unsure and uncomfortable is a common experience. Nevertheless, therapy can help you cope with this phase and make you feel more optimistic and confident as you move through your transition.
  • Disordered mood
    • Strong emotions, like those experienced in depression or anxiety, can be overwhelming and negatively affect your life. Therapy can help you regain control over those emotions.
  • Strong emotions
    • Do you find it hard to handle your stress or anger? Do you feel like you're losing control but don't know why? It's possible that you're facing challenges in managing your emotions, and you can benefit from stress and anger management therapy to help you learn how to cope with this problem.
  • Grief and loss
    • Loss and sadness can come from losing someone important, ending a relationship, or any other kind of loss that makes you miss what you had and what could have been. It is important to honor your grief and memories, but it is also important to give yourself permission to move forward and start planning for your future.
  • Family problems 
    • A family that is doing well can give you lots of help and strength in life. But, if your family is struggling, it can make everything else feel harder. We can help you make your family relationships better by teaching you to communicate better, be more understanding, and speak up for yourself.
  • Relationship issues
    • If you are constantly in relationships that are full of drama, don't last long, and are emotionally draining, we can help you understand why this is happening and help you find healthier and longer-lasting relationships through therapy.

How will it help?


Our therapy sessions can help you with the problems mentioned before and any other challenges you might be facing in life. Our therapists use various techniques that are customized to meet your specific needs. Here are some examples of things you may work on in therapy:

  • Learn how to control your thoughts instead of letting them control you.
  • Understand your reactions and what they mean.
  • Identify negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones.
  • Develop a logical mindset and make deliberate decisions.
  • Be kind and patient towards yourself and others.
  • Find helpful ways to manage difficult emotions.
  • Discover and overcome thought patterns that limit you.
  • Replace harmful thoughts with self-compassion.
  • Identify your positive and negative beliefs and their sources.
  • Overcome obstacles by recognizing your strengths.
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