We seek counseling for any number of reasons. Symptoms of depression or anxiety, trouble with relationships, or a general sense of "blah" are just a few things that may lead you to counseling. It's only human to feel these things from time to time, and it is natural to seek support.

We feel that counseling is a collaborative process. You bring motivation and knowledge of yourself, while we bring compassion, humor, and an expertise in effective treatment methods. Counseling looks different for different people, which is why we keep up with all relevant treatment approaches for a variety of issues. Some concerns that often show up in our practice include:

  • Generalized anxiety and worry
  • Panic & OCD
  • ADHD and ADD issues
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Relationship concerns
  • Career questions
  • Depression
  • Boredom
  • Identity and transition concerns - who am I? What am I doing in life?
  • Social anxiety & difficulty with social skills
  • Autism and Asperger's symptoms

Please contact us if you're considering counseling. We're more than happy to talk with you about how it may be helpful. You can also check out our FAQ to learn more about the process and cost.

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