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We offer a variety of group therapy options throughout the year. Group therapy may be short and topic-specific or more long term.

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Below is a breakdown of the different group types we offer, as described by Carrie Haynes:

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These groups are relationally-focused process groups for clients who will benefit from sharing experiences, giving and receiving support/feedback, and experimenting with new interpersonal behaviors in a safe environment. Interpersonal Process Groups offer clients a chance to interact with others in a way that reflects the real world by re-creating the dynamics that have brought them to group in the first place. These are closed groups that run for a specified time period with the same members from beginning to end. Clinical notes are recorded for process groups and group screen appointments are required.


This is a broad category of groups that are designed to bring together clients who share similar identities, experiences, or presenting problems. Theme groups are built to enhance a group’s cohesion, and/or to be a place where specialized content can be delivered in a focused fashion. Theme groups can be either open or closed depending on the nature of the group. Brief clinical notes are recorded for theme groups and group screen appointments are required.


These groups are faster-paced skill acquisition groups for clients who need support and education to assist in managing their mental health. Skills groups are less process-oriented and relationally-focused, but instead are designed to provide tools and practice to support clients struggling with particular issues. These are open groups with a rotating curriculum designed to take in new members throughout the group series. Given the format and size of skills groups, documentation is limited to the skills taught and practiced that week and group screening appointments are required. 


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