Are you having a hard time deciding on a career?

Or maybe you thought you knew what you wanted to do, only to find out that it wasn’t quite the right fit?

Or perhaps you have a good idea of what you want to do, but the process of applying and interviewing for jobs is posing a problem for you?

Do any of these sound like you?  The CAC has teamed-up with jobZology, our local career specialists, to offer you affordable and comprehensive career assessment and counseling services. Dr. McLaren offers two package options for comprehensive career assessment services. She also offers several other career counseling options. You can read more below:

**Both packages include a written individualized career narrative report

Basic Career Assessment Package

The Basic Career Assessment package is a great option for individuals who are having difficulty determining, or narrowing down, potential career options. In this package you will get an initial in-depth session with Dr. McLaren in which she will explore your personal narrative and begin developing an understanding of your specific career situation. This exploration will then be followed up with objective testing on your individual interests, values, and personality traits that impact the types of careers which would fit best for you. Finally, Dr. McLaren will integrate these results to offer you comprehensive feedback about the best potential career paths for you, and will work with you to plan the next steps toward meeting your career goals!

Package Includes:

  • Initial Interview—60 minutes
  • Online assessment battery – 30 minutes
  • Feedback and Goal Setting session—90 minutes

Deluxe Career Assessment Package

Did you know that career research indicates that most people are not very good at estimating their own ability levels? The Deluxe Career Assessment Package includes everything from the Basic Career Assessment Package PLUS a comprehensive abilities assessment battery. The results of this abilities assessment will provide you with extremely useful information about your specific strengths and weaknesses for multiple types of abilities, all of which relate directly to the abilities required for success in a variety of career fields. Finding a career that suits your specific abilities, along with your unique interests, values, and personality traits, can go a long way in helping you to find a career field where you can be successful and satisfied!

Package Includes:

  • Initial Interview – 60 minutes
  • Online assessment battery – 30 minutes
  • In-person comprehensive abilities testing – 120 minutes
  • Feedback and Goal Setting session – 90 minutes

Additional Career Counseling Services (hourly basis)

Dr. McLaren also provides additional career counseling services on an hourly basis. These services can be accessed on their own, or as an add-on to either of the career assessment packages.

Resume and Cover Letter Assistance – $50/30 min session

Interview Coaching – $100/60 minute session

Performance Anxiety – $100/60 minute session

Start Career Counseling

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