Cleaning Your House Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore

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How To Improve Your Cleaning Habits and Reduce Your Stress

Keeping up with cleaning your home can feel totally overwhelming. It can feel even more difficult for those with children who seem to only add to the mess. Studies have shown that messy environments can lead to more stress and more negative moods throughout the day. Keeping your home clean can be difficult but it is necessary to keep individuals and families stress-free and happier. We have a couple of really practical ideas that can take away those feelings of stress, and keep your house a place of rest.

What is it about mess and clutter that cause stress?

When someone sees their home as messy and unorganized, it can lead to an increase in stress and a depressed mood. Most think of their homes as their place to relax and get away from the world. But being in a constant state of clutter and disorganization can take away these feelings.

Think about when you come home after a long day at work only to realize there is more work to be done. It can make you feel awful. Now you have to finish the dishes, do laundry, and pick up all the toys in the living room. It can feel like you haven’t come home from work, but you’ve arrived at your second job – cleaning your house.

So what can you do about the constant mess?

While this is easier said than done, there are things you can begin to practice which will help improve the cleanliness of your home.

If you don’t already, start the day by making your bed. It takes two minutes and starts you off for a successful day. If you have a rough day and you come home to a mess, that’s one less thing you would have to worry about.

If you have kids, try making a kid-friendly chores list. Make it achievable for them and actually helpful for you. Little things can be a good start, like wiping down the table after dinner or putting away their shoes after they get home from school.

Clean as you go. If you’re cooking dinner, clean as you are cooking by doing whatever dishes you’ve used while waiting for water to boil or the chicken to be done in the oven.

Make it fun for everyone in the house. Put on your favorite music. Make it a game and see who can pick up their toys the fastest. If you have roommates, try bribing them with ice cream or something once the house is clean.

We’re Here to Help!

Sometimes it just seems all too much. There may be more to deal with than a messy house. If you feel like you need support in navigating feelings of stress, we are ready to help you. Our counselors have all kinds of tips and tricks to help you reduce your stress. Contact us today!