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Hayley Lewis, B.S.

Partnerships & Digital Media

[ she/her ]

What do you most look forward to about the work you do?

  • I look forward to helping pair clients with the clinician who is the best fit for them, and that will help them see their potential for greatness.

What do you most value about the work you do?

  • More than anything, I value being the liaison between clinicians and clients, hopefully providing them with a smooth handoff to start services on the right foot.

What is something clients might never guess about you?

  • I'm addicted to crafting! More recently it's been crochet, but I've loved DIY and crafts since I was a kid. My mom and I love to go into stores and say "I could make that!"

What did you want to be when you grew up?

  • I wanted to be all sorts of things when I grew up--it usually changed based on what I was interested in at the time. Now, I hope to be a very successful recording artist when I grow up 🙂

I have always been drawn to the helping profession. I grew up near the Twin Cities in Minnesota, and my psychology courses and a desperate need for more vitamin D and sunshine led me to Colorado. I pursued a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology at Colorado State University, here in Fort Collins, and graduated in May of 2019 with Honors.

Seeking a change of pace, I found myself back in Fort Collins and itching to experience a different side of psychological services for children. I am eager to offer a sense of reassurance and security for anyone in the Fort Collins area seeking services.  am humbled and grateful to be able to connect clients to the counseling and assessment resources that they are looking for. I hope to welcome each client, new or existing, with a kind, understanding ear, and a solutions-focused attitude.

My goal is to make sure that anyone calling the office gets a clear explanation of what they can expect in terms of scheduling, billing, services offered, etc., and that they get to ask any questions they may have before scheduling an appointment.

More personally, I spent a year in the Twin Cities post-graduation working part-time at a day treatment for children with trauma diagnoses, and part-time pursuing a music career as a singer under the pseudonym/artist name, Corzine. Now, I travel back and forth between Minneapolis and Fort Collins to record music and perform in another Minneapolis-based band called The Violet Nines.

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