Hi, I'm Emily!

I'm a licensed clinical social worker practicing out of Johnstown, CO with a focus on counseling and case management.


Counseling for adolescents and teens, crisis work, systems-oriented, anxiety, depression, suicide prevention, collaborative care, social and emotional learning skills.

Working with adolescents, teenagers, and their families is a passion of mine and my approach is always collaborative. I believe the individual and their families are the experts in their lives, and my role is to work alongside you, as a team. As a social worker, I enjoy seeing the whole picture of both traditional and non-traditional family systems. I want to hear about your family traditions, if you have pets, your strengths, areas for growth, and more. I believe I bring compassion, humor, kindness, and curiosity into each session. With a person-centered approach, I join you by using active listening, narrative, and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, as well as capitalizing on the strengths you bring to the room. I work with you to find calmness in difficult times, along with assisting in the development of skills that can be transferable to home, school, work, and the community. 

I am a licensed clinical social worker practicing in Johnstown, Colorado, at Thompson River Pediatrics. I received a master’s degree in social work from Colorado State University, where I also completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I have over 7 years of professional experience working in Northern Colorado in the field of mental health. Prior to starting at Colorado Center for Assessment & Counseling, I worked as a school social worker in Greeley, Colorado. In the schools, I worked alongside youth and their guardians experiencing a crisis, provided ongoing services, and ran an Alternative to Suspension program for adolescents engaging in substance use. Social and emotional learning for teenagers, including developing healthy coping skills, have always been a priority when meeting with individuals. Additionally, I spent nearly three years at the Summitstone Crisis Center in Fort Collins, Colorado. While at the Crisis Center, I engaged in providing 24/7 mental health care through walk-in, inpatient, and mobilized services. Working in fast-paced crisis work, and the busy school system, has taught me to sit comfortably in the chaos until the time comes to focus on healing and wellness. 

On a personal level, I grew up in the tiny town of LaPorte, Colorado, but spent most of my life in Fort Collins as an adult. When it’s hot out, I enjoy spending time with my family at the lake either fishing, swimming, paddle-boarding, or camping. If it’s cold, you will find me inside with a good book, working on a puzzle, or snuggling up with my two dogs to stay warm. 

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