Hi, I'm Kathleen!

I'm a licensed post-doctoral neuropsychology resident practicing out of Fort Collins, CO with a focus in assessment.


Neuropsychological testing, neurodevelopmental disorders, cognitive challenges, some medical complexities.

I received my PsyD in clinical psychology with a concentration in neuropsychology. Having trained in both hospital and community-based settings, I have experience serving childrens, teens, and adults with a variety of concerns ranging from neurocognitive disorders to complex trauma. My clinical approach incorporates patience, compassion, and a healthy dose of humor to help clients fully engage in the testing process. 
I am a licensed psychologist and currently am completing my neuropsychology residency. In this role, I provide neuropsychological evaluations across the lifespan. For kiddos, this includes evaluating neurodevelopmental disorders or medically complex conditions that impact learning/cognition. I also evaluate adults presenting with cognitive concerns related to dementia, traumatic brain injury, and other neurological/psychiatric conditions. 
Assessment is a collaborative process with clients, their families, and other providers. To that end, I work hard to be inclusive, thorough, and straightforward. I will work with you to identify your strengths, understand your challenges, and develop a roadmap to move forward.  
Personally, I grew up on the Jersey Shore and spent several years living in the greater Philadelphia area before finding my way to Fort Collins to complete my residency. In my spare time, I enjoy sipping tea with my silly dog, Max, doing the daily crossword, catching live music, and exploring our new home in Colorado. 

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