2022 Session Time Update

A message from CCAC Therapists:

Our clinicians at CCAC have a New Year’s Resolution that they would like to share with you! Your clinician has decided to strive for a healthier time management balance for their session time limits. You may not realize this, but clinicians are only paid for the time they spend in-session with you; however, clinicians are also required to spend additional time writing session documentation after every session. That means that if they spend a full 60 minutes in session with you, then they end up writing all of their therapy notes on their own time - unpaid! And that time can really add up! 

Here at CCAC, we would like to improve upon this situation for our clinicians. The insurance companies will only reimburse clinicians for documentation time if that time takes place within the 60 minute session window. Due to this reality, we are encouraging all of our clinicians to begin wrapping up their client sessions at 53 - 55 mins to allow them those precious few minutes for note writing (and maybe to even use the restroom once in awhile without being late to their next session!) 

By the way - this goal is also beneficial for you too! By supporting your clinician with this, you will be helping to ensure that they have adequate time to thoroughly and accurately document all of your sessions on time, and that they can more easily be punctual for your (and other client’s) sessions as well.

If you would like to support your clinician with this goal, you can be a BIG help by simply understanding and accommodating that your clinician needs to wrap up your sessions 5 to 7 minutes early. 

We thank you for reading this letter, and appreciate your support!