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Meet Our Staff

Rebecca Hoke, LSW

I am a Licensed Social Worker practicing in Fort Collins, Colorado. I graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a Masters in Social Work in May 2016. The majority of my clinical experience has been in the counseling center at Colorado State University (CSU), where I completed my graduate internship, post-master’s training, and have since worked as a psychotherapist. I have worked with groups of adults at the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery, groups of children at Courage Connections homeless shelter, and many college students at CSU. I enjoy working with people in both an individual and group setting.

My therapy style is collaborative; I rely on clients as the experts on their lives. I strive to create a warm and validating environment while challenging clients to reach their goals and full potential. I use an integrative style for my therapeutic approach, and I draw techniques from a variety of modalities depending on each client’s needs. My most recent training is in EMDR. I have successfully used motivational interviewing, solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral, and DBT techniques with clients. I conceptualize using a systems approach as well as trauma-informed and attachment theories. My goal as your therapist is to be an informed ally and advocate for you as a whole individual.

Growing up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago exposed me to a variety of people and lifestyles. I have always enjoyed traveling and engaging with cultures other than my own. My partner and I moved to Colorado from Illinois for my graduate internship, and we instantly fell in love with Fort Collins. I enjoy cuddles with our two cats and, more recently, training our two puppies. Since moving to Colorado, I have also discovered my love of the outdoors!


B.A. – Psychology, Clinical/Counseling concentration, University of Illinois Springfield

M.S.W. – Mental Health concentration, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign



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Dr. Joselyne Perry
Dr. Joselyne Perry

Hello! I'm a licensed psychologist specializing in evaluation and psychotherapy for adults. My assessment specialties include adult ADHD and learning disorders. In therapy, I work with individuals on the treatment of trauma, anxiety, stress, and depression.

Dr. Molly McLaren
Dr. Molly McLaren

I specialize in providing psychotherapy and career counseling/assessment services for adults who are experiencing anxiety/depression, panic attacks, performance anxiety, social/interpersonal problems, Autism Spectrum concerns, ADHD, and career/educational concerns.

Dr. Jeremy Sharp - Fort Collins Psychologist
Dr. Jeremy Sharp

I enjoy specializing in psychological testing and assessment for a variety of concerns, including ADHD and ADD, learning disorders like dyslexia, and autism spectrum or Asperger's.

John Mark Guerra

I love getting things done and enjoy using my education in project management to keep things running smoothly here at the Colorado Center for Assessment & Counseling!